The Future: Healing, Accountability & Love - Imagining The Future as a Safe Space

It should be glaringly clear if you’ve been following this series that society is sick. All the “isms” we experience day to day are like a virus attacking us in each moment trying to burrow down into us on a cellular level. Many of us gladly allow it in order to grasp at even the smallest piece of the power the dominant society wields. It pulls us so far outside of ourselves. We hold ourselves and others hostage constantly striving to achieve it’s impossible standards.

My future is a future where all of this is dismantled. The future I imagine is one where each person is in alignment with their unique divine destiny. Accountable to themselves and Spirit (God, the Universe) first, followed directly by being held accountable by their community. The future in my dreams is one where people are free to flow between gender expression and sexuality. Where the ones most deserving of our protection are protected by force if necessary. The innocence & safety of children is prioritized in this future for the preservation of generations to come. In this future, power comes from within. When one is secure in their internal personal power there is no need to oppress another. In this future, we lead with and live in love.

We have to do the internal work to dismantle these systems within and join forces to dismantle them on a grand scale. One cannot be done without the other. Healing is necessary. It all starts with self. This is the mission of botanicaULTRA. To guide and support individuals as they heal in order to be a catalyst (😉) for societal change.

- eleven

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