Ingredient Spotlight: Lavender

Babes dem! It’s been a long time since we’ve done an ingredient spotlight & today we’ll be covering one of our faves: Lavender! Lavender is a gentle, calming and strong herb with so many uses. Whether added to your tea, lemonade or satchel to place under your pillow for better sleep, Lavender shows up and shows out. Lavender is great for pregnant parents and their littles. Lavender in a diffuser or a lavender sprayed on bedding is an amazing sleep aid. It can be used externally and ingested in moderation (plz do not feed lavender to babies/toddlers). Spiritually speaking, lavender’s energies focus on love, protection, peace and purification. Lavender smudges gently cleanse the energy in your space while calling in peace and positivity. We love lavender over here!! You can find lavender in our Don’t Perplex My Tranquility Calming Oil (in stock NOW) & our Balance Skin Brightening Oil (restock coming soon). 

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