Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Eclipse season is in full effect and today’s full moon won’t be left out of the intensity party. This lunar eclipse in Taurus centers around themes of security, creature comforts, old paradigms & yes, potential upheavals in these areas.

In these uncertain times, amid genocide, climate change, late stage capitalism & an ongoing pandemic - what does security look like? Does security exist? What old thought patterns and old patterns do we need to release with this full moon to reframe our thoughts on security & comfort? What line items on our bucket lists do we need to reshuffle, add or remove all together?

Even while going through an intense lunar eclipse while asking ourselves hard questions, beauty is always available to us. Taurus is ruled by Venus - there is beauty in the chaos. Never forget the beauty of rage. Rage fuels us to create a better world. #lunareclipse #fullmoon #astrology

Full Moon Ritual: Write all the people, places, things & thought patterns that you’d like to release on a sheet of paper and burn it. Use your best judgment & lean into your intuition when doing a release ritual during an eclipse. Eclipse energy can sometimes be chaotic. This ritual can be done during any full moon.

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