Mercury in Scorpio

Scorpio Season begins tomorrow babes dem! It’s the most wonderful time of the year 😈🦂🖤 you already know Scorpio represents intensity, rebirth, sexuality and all of the feels. Shout out to all the spooky baes! Tonight at 2:49am est Mercury enters Scorpio making a conjunction (close contact & unique blend of energies) with the Sun. This type of transit brings sharp thinking, alertness & adaptability. & with this happening under Scorpio in the 12th house (the subconscious)? Babyyyy, prepare for deep, probing conversations. Things left unsaid will be felt & known. Mercury being in the 1st house (the self) feels like we could share intimate things about ourselves in conversation without even realizing. That “why did I say that energy”. Let your intuition guide because if you’re paying attention much will be revealed. Beware of those who are trying to control the narrative (even if it’s you🙃). This might be bad PR for Scorpio’s but issues with control & power dynamics are a normal Tuesday in the Scorp world. Arm yourself with knowledge. Trust yourself and your intuition. Never move in fear. Speak your truth & let the chips fall where they may. #scorpioseason #astrology #spirituality


Blessed Earthstrong to my fellow Scorpiossss 🖤🎈🦂 -Eleven.

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