About Me


Born & raised in Toronto, Canada, creator and founder of botanicaULTRA, Eleven, a Mother, Creative, Spiritualist, Mystic, Afrofuturist, Facilitator, Healer & Doula is dedicated to the healing and liberation of black people.

Her divine destiny is to be of service to black people, specifically black women, black queer people and black children.

Check back regularly for local services, events & offerings if you are local to Toronto. 

botanicaULTRA is a online shop that specializes in natural products and spiritual items/services. The “ULTRA” in our name is a nod to Nostalgia Ultra by Frank Ocean, which in our view is a timeless body of work. 

botanicaULTRA is a concept that evolved over a 5 year period. A destiny created over the course of a lifetime. botanicaULTRA honours body, mind and spirit. The totality and duality of the human experience is considered at each step.

botanicaULTRA honours the richness and beauty of the black diaspora. Each product is curated to bring value & luxury to each of our customers. botanicaULTRA honours black history and black futurism. We promote black healing, black growth & black strength.