BLACK PEOPLE EXIST IN THE FUTURE Book 12 - Alternate Realities: Black Mysticism - Liberation through Imagination, Visualization, Meditation & Magic


I hope it’s become clear that instead of discussing alternate realities as it relates to sci fi, we’re discussing practical ways we can change our lives. Our reality. Ultimately this post is about healing modalities. Different ways we can create our future. Different ways of being.


Everything starts with our imagination. How can we take ourselves into our new reality if we haven’t first imagined what it will look & feel like? The thing about societal pressures and trauma as well as our personal struggles, is that these things cause our imagination to be stifled and sometimes stolen from us completely. Lack of imagination is why so many of us feel stuck in our current circumstances. The process of healing can bring it back.


If you are able to imagine you are able to visualize. These two things seem similar but for me visualizing is a bit more intentional. Imagining should be without limits. Imagining should be ridiculous, free, expansive, unrealistic. There are no bounds on what we can imagine. Visualizing though, is for when you are clear on the reality you want to create for yourself. Visualizing is intentionally thinking about how you want your new reality to feel, smell, taste & sound. Down to the finest detail. I love a good vision board. I am a vision board gworllll because they WORK. There is something about seeing a tangible representation of your new reality everyday that brings it into fruition. It’s the energy you put into the board. That is manifestation. That is magic.


Meditation as a modality is so vast. You can meditate is so many forms that can support building your new reality. Imagining & visualizing are forms of meditation. Getting quiet with yourself and the desires of your heart feeds directly into changing your world. Meditation is prayer. There is no one way to do this work. All it requires is intention.


Magic, whether internal, external, mundane or grandiose, is available to all of us. There is immense power in tapping into your personal power. If the thought of doing magic or being magical, brings up resistance in you understand that that is fear. Fear given to you by those who benefit from you not claiming your power. Leaving your magic & power unclaimed leaves it open to be siphoned by those who seek to oppress you. Those of us who have dared to embrace our magic are able to alter our reality.


There are always limitations and life be liefing but it is possible to make changes in our lives with the support of a healthy imagination, intentional visualization, mindfulness & stepping into our power. Ask me how I know. 😉

- eleven

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