New Moon Solar Eclipse In Libra


It’s Spooky Season babes dem & this upcoming New Moon Solar Eclipse is super potent. As we get closer & closer to the end of the month the veil is getting increasingly thin. Pay attention to your dreams, downloads, intuition & inner knowing at this time.

As we approach the New Moon which is generally a time when we set intentions & call in our manifestations - think about your relationship with balance. Now is a great time to drift away into the gray area. The space in between. Think about how you can create balance between your higher self and your physical being living this human experience.

As we get closer the winter & end of the year consider ways to create more balance in your life. Whether it be work/life, movement/rest, creating/dreaming, vocalizing/reflecting - the space in between is the sweet spot. Sometimes balance is delicate & imperfect, that’s ok too.

Pluto & Chiron (the wounded healer) will also be activated during this time & with Libra also ruling over relationships we may have themes of power dynamics & past wounds pop up. As we delve into the gray area we may experience some analysis paralysis on how to reconcile our past traumas and handle power imbalances within ourselves and in our relationships.

Libra teaches us that harmony, balance and healing are always accessible if we take measured steps towards both concepts. 


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